Living Life In A Wheelchair

A Phone Message From My 'Ontario Disability Support Program' Case Worker About My Small Income
[ Wednesday February 15th 2017 at 2:38 pm ]

My case worker for the 'Ontario Disability Support Program' left me a phone message while I was resting this afternoon. She wanted to let me know some details about the employment I am beginning to receive from my videos.

  • Since what I am doing is considered 'self employment' there is the option of claiming business related expenses. At this point it isn't practical. I am going to be earning so little money. In the future I could make a case for things like my Internet connection, electricity spent on this and items to buy related to making the videos.
  • The other key item I had questions about is the new set of expectations of me. She left me the details of reporting my income. At this point it is so low that it won't impact my disability benefit.

There are a few key reasons why I would encourage someone receiving a disability benefit to work from home:

  • For your self esteem and self worth
  • Even if you are only going to earn a few hundred dollars in a year it is money that you didn't have before
  • Finally I would encourage a person to do this so they are able to live their dream.

We've got the Internet now. It is able to act as a "store front". The Internet is able to maintain a presence when the effects of a disability would normally be requiring a person to call in sick. There are options for building an income using the Internet. It requires dedication. I think it is worth it in the long run.