Living Life In A Wheelchair

Switching Family Doctors Is In Motion
[ Friday February 7th 2020 at 10:23 am ]

In December I approached the administrator of the medical practice just 2 blocks from my home. I asked if they would take me on as a patient. I'm just having so much trouble with my hips and knees. It is getting to be too challenging going to my family doctor in the next village over. I was so grateful for him when I suddenly lost the use of my left hip joint in 2006.

But now I'm finding myself experiencing lingering pain for the 2 to 3 days that follow my appointments. The jostling in the vehicle taking me back and forth causes this. Also with how weak the pain has been making me feel I've been avoiding going to my family doctor for help.

When I reached out the medical practice I was at the point of starting to use the local hospital emergency department as a family doctor office just because of the challenges attending appointments with my family doctor. The transition to the new family doctor will happen in the coming weeks. I sure hope it will make my life easier.