Living Life In A Wheelchair

Providing Wheelchair Accessible Transit Details To My Disability Case Worker
[ Tuesday January 7th 2020 at 8:40 pm ]

I had a conversation with my disability case worker a few days ago. He wasn't aware of what wheelchair accessible public transportation is available in town. The nature of the conversation is getting me to my dental appointments without causing me severe pain. It has become too hard for me to do so using my power wheelchair. There is just too much jostling around.

Now that I've spoke with the city accessibility committee where I live and am up to date with what's available I thought I'd put together a summary and give it to my case worker. I figure this will be helpful to the various clients who have similar physical challenges as myself.

The designated wheelchair accessible public transportation is to help ease suffering and help encourage quality of life for those with limits. They also helps people who are blind, on oxygen (such as people diagnosed with COPD) and some debilitating mental illnesses who genuinely need the service. I always encourage people to use the available assistance in the community where they live. They are setup to serve people with specific needs. Sometimes it helps telling a person that if their circumstances change they could then donate towards the programs that helped them through a hard time in their life.