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Problems With My New Furnace Thermostat
[ Wednesday November 6th 2019 at 12:33 am ]

I am very concerned about my new furnace thermostat. It is a Honeywell T6 Pro. It is an amazing piece of technology. What I mean by this is the ability to change the temperature using an app has been life changing on account of my physical disability and that 1 degree F increase or decrease in temperature often makes the difference of me being comfortable (or not).

It isn't acting right. I've reached out to the sales employee I dealt with a few months ago when I purchased the new furnace to sort out what has gone wrong. I don't know what to think. I want to get this addressed now and not wait until we are mid winter and my home going cold causing me additional challenges.

The symptoms I am presenting experiencing are:

  • The nature of this is the thermostat initially reporting itself as being ~10 degrees F warmer than the room temperature and taking 15 minutes to get back to an accurate room temperature.
  • Once the thermostat got itself back to 72 degrees F I tried raising the house temperature by 1 degree. Suddenly the app home temperature jumped from 72F to 76F.
  • Using the app I went to change the house temperature back from 73 degrees F to 72 and the thermostat wouldn't accept it (like when this started on Monday)
  • When the thermostat did accept 72 degrees F it suddenly indicated the house temperature was back to 76 degrees F.

I am not telling those considering what thermostat to buy or select as part of your heating system. Honeywell has been very responsive to when I initially had questions and required assistance. I am sure this will be sorted out for me.