Living Life In A Wheelchair

Sleep Sitting Up Because Of Hips And Knees
[ Wednesday October 2nd 2019 at 12:35 am ]

My hips and especially my knees are really bad this evening. My pain medications haven't worked. Laying down isn't bringing relief. I just can't get comfortable. The lesser of all evils is to start tonight's sleep sitting up. I'll see how I'm doing in a few hours to see if I am able to finish in bed. It is very disappointing my physical challenges have reached this new milestone.

  • I don't feel heard by the medical community. My sense is a that I am outside of the norm makes doctors nervous and unsure of how to respond.
  • I'm also finding doctors not actually listening to me --- yet they don't know the history. Nothing good comes from not listening.
  • I'm also finding doctors not listening to their own expert. In June 2012 a 91 year old who had first hand knowledge of the hip disease and treatment methods used on me between 1979 and 1981 assessed me. His opinion over ruled 3 previous orthopedic surgeons. In practical terms I've met the threshold explained to me about my knee joints.

This now ultimately boils down to me advocating for myself. I am prepared to do so. I am committed to my life and helping myself for what I have control over.