Living Life In A Wheelchair

Completed Cleaning Freezer #1 And Now Powered On To Cool Down Over Night
[ Saturday September 21st 2019 at 11:55 pm ]

For several years I've used a chest freezer as a refrigerator. I did this to save money. When you open a refrigerator door the cold air pours out of the refrigerator. The only residual cold air remaining is from the food inside and the temperature of the refrigerator walls. I had to take this step to ensure I would be living within my means.

An inheritance I am receiving has changed the dynamics of my finances. Changes for worst to my physical disability are affecting how I need to prepare my meals for myself. For much of the past 3 months I've been buying frozen meals that just need heating up. It has just been too hard for me to consistently get meals ready each day. My plan now is to cook and freeze 2 months worth of meals at a time.

I have the financial means to buy an energy efficient refrigerator. I selected a refrigerator that has no freezer attached. This gives me 16.6 cubic feet of storage to hold food at a safe temperature. This will allow me to pace myself in packaging up the meals for freezing. I am using this as a strategy to not over extend myself and hopefully avoid uncontrollable pain. I own (2) 5½ cubic foot chest freezers. These will be helpful to store my meals in once cooked.

I've moved the food out of the chest freezer I was using as a refrigerator into my new refrigerator. I had to pace myself cleaning the chest freezer. This is now completed. I've changed the thermostat setting to a temperature appropriate for a freezer. I am going to leave it to cool down over night. I am step closer to my goal.