Living Life In A Wheelchair

Mobility Bus Application Renewal
[ Monday January 30th 2017 at 1:13 pm ]

I think my pass for the Mobility Bus (para transit service for wheelchair users) where I live has expired. I've just e-mailed the city to find out what is needed to renew it.

All the bus routes where I live are wheelchair accessible. The use of the Mobility Bus provides curb to curb service. There are 3 situations when I need this:

  • If I have a flat tire in my power wheelchair. I need curb to curb service in order to get home again and then arrange the repair;
  • For medical appointments during weather when it is unsuitable to use my power wheelchair at a route bus stop and may cause damage to the electronics (raining, snowing);
  • In the situation where I am likely to run out of battery power and will become stranded if I don’t have curb to curb service.

There is an additional 4th benefit:

  • If I have access to our Mobility Bus other cities (such as Toronto) grant me access to their service.

I'm sure to find out what is expected of me within a few days. In practical terms I actually enjoy driving myself around town using my power wheelchair. Part of this enjoyment is maintaining my independance. Also I love nature. I enjoy God's creation. It helps me cope with the chronic pain and set of mobility challenges I experience.