Living Life In A Wheelchair

Plumbed In My Countertop Dishwasher
[ Wednesday September 4th 2019 at 7:53 pm ]

I've achieved one of my goals I've wanted for the past 4 years. I've plumbed my countertop dishwasher directly into the hot water supply line and drain. For the past 4 years it has been attached to my kitchen faucet. The dish washing cycle lasts 100 minutes. This leaves the sink freed up for my other needs.

  • My teeth are in a critical state. My dentist recommended I use a special tooth paste and the use of an electric tooth brush as an intervention. I have an electric tooth brush situated in the bathroom and the kitchen. But I couldn't practically speaking use the kitchen electric tooth brush because the cabinet holding the dishwasher was in the way.
  • I own a robot vacuum. It is one of the best things I could have purchased. It is way too hard for me to sweep the floor each day. It will now be easy for me to rinse the robot vacuum's air filter. The countertop dishwasher won't be in the way of this.
  • I cook in bulk and freeze my meals. I rely on the kitchen sink and water to bleed the temperature off the food prior to putting it in the refrigerator to finish cooling the food and as temporary storage for how I must pace myself when packaging up the food due to my hip, knee and ankle issues.