Living Life In A Wheelchair

Single Service Rice Cooker Just Died
[ Saturday August 31st 2019 at 2:32 pm ]

In April 2018 I was advised to eat brown rice by a dietitian. This is to avoid the chronic constipation that comes from the use of pain medication to manage my chronic pain. I did some experimenting with the rice cooker I owned at the time. Brown rice cooks differently than white rice. I couldn't get it to turn out right.

In August 2018 I ordered a single serving rice cooker. I did a lot of research. I couldn't find a model here in North America. I found a good quality model in Europe. I ordered it along with a quality electricity converter. Here in North America common household electricity is 110 volts; In Europe it is 22 volts.

It just died. I am very surprised. The eBay listing promoted a 2 year manufacturer warranty. It was good quality. It has done a very good job cooking brown rice. I hope the manufacturer will step up. If not I will reach out to the CEO of the company.