Living Life In A Wheelchair

Delivered A Letter To City Hall With Ideas For Improving Low Income Households Quality Of Life
[ Monday August 26th 2019 at 10:22 pm ]

The past 9 months have required a lot of maintenance to my home. My hot water tank burst. My furnace wore out. The sump pump needed to be replaced. Also the latch that opens the door failed. This got me thinking about the various low income household programs on offer. Very specifically I was thinking of how gracious the city where I live is in the support of the disabled and low income households.

There is a very gracious property tax credit offered. I think one of the criteria needs to be reconsidered after changes to the related program you are required to receive it. I've summarized this thought in my letter to city council.

I've also had a companion thought to this. There are other ways of helping low income households besides giving money. Two I've thought of are:

  • Providing education themed around healthy nutrition
  • Making inroads by providing a list of businesses that will work with low income households by offering a discount for essential household maintenance (such as roofing shingles and appliances needed to run a home)

I've just delivered my letter to City Hall. I figure there is nothing to loose. If I don't speak up those who are in policy making decisions may not be aware of the needs for those who live in poverty. I experience a lot of joy advocating for those who are at risk and in need.