Living Life In A Wheelchair

New Paper Shredder Delivered
[ Monday August 26th 2019 at 1:45 pm ]

My new paper shredder has been delivered. Overall I am really pleased. My previous paper shredder wore out last week and needed to be replaced. I've done it right this time. The past 2 paper shredders required me to bend forward when using it. This caused me a lot of pain. This time I've selected a small office model. It is within arm reach. I won't get behind in my paper shredding going forward.

There is one minor modification I need to make. Part of why I purchased this is because of the wheels. Sadly the wheels don't swivel. It only rolls left to right. I'm going to order a set off eBay. I will likely affix a piece of plywood to the base of the paper shredder using the initial pairs of holes the fixed casters used. Then I will attach swiveling casters to the plywood.

What matters to me is that I am making progress in my goals. It feels good. So much of my life is a struggle to accomplish things. I am not afraid of hard work. It has been really nice to have something occur in my life that hasn't required a lot of hardship to accomplish.