Living Life In A Wheelchair

Ordered Velcro Laced Shoes To Better Manage My Physical Disability
[ Sunday August 18th 2019 at 10:52 pm ]

I've ordered new shoes with velcro shoe laces. This will help me so much on account of my physical disability. I've previously done the training to put velcro laced shoes on and off using a reacher - grabber. It means I won't experience pain to wear my shoes due to the bending involved of tying shoe laces.

They should arrive within a few days. I am really pleased about this decision. I am trying to do enough of the right things so the big picture comes together for me. I have my list of goals. It is just a matter of me working through my various projects to make my life work. Things take me longer than normal. I have the determination and perseverance to see this come together.