Living Life In A Wheelchair

Purchased Toaster Oven For Curing Paint
[ Sunday August 11th 2019 at 3:17 pm ]

I experience a lot of joy using my hands. I've been enjoying the process of getting my weather station setup. I am plugging away at it.

The present step is getting the the guy wire brackets painted. So far my two attempts have been unsuccessful. The spray paint bubbled. I looked up online to understand what the paint is trying to say to me. This happens when the paint is put on too thick. The top layer starts to dry before the bottom has cured. It is obvious now: Wood absorbs some spray paint and is more forgiving whereas spray painting metal requires multiple thin coats.

I've decided to take a different approach. I have unused 2,000° F baked on engine paint here. It is an enamel product that is extremely durable. I've decided to use this instead.

The only down side is that enamel paint stinks when curing. For the amount of surface area it isn't practical to use my kitchen oven for curing the paint.

Instead I've been to a local department store. One of their toaster ovens is on special 55% off. It is a 9 slice toaster oven. There is roughly 1 cubic feet of space inside. It has digital controls for the temperature and timer. There are 6 different modes including convection baking. It is a really good match for my needs. I've purchased this.

I really liked what happened at the check out: Another customer offered to assist me due to my use of a wheelchair. I explained what it was for. His response was really encouraging: A buddy of his has a full size oven in his garage for curing powder coating paint. I know I am on the right track. My projects don't warrant a full size oven.