Living Life In A Wheelchair

Completed My Next Guitar Lesson
[ Thursday August 1st 2019 at 8:30 pm ]

I've had a really good guitar lesson. I haven't been able to practice like I had wanted to leading up to it. My attention has been split between being very weak from my physical disability and the attempt to push the weather station installation to completion with the help of friends.

The past 2 weeks have been very physically demanding. It is obvious I can't physically sustain this. I am trying to sort through what I am aiming for and why each item is important to me. In the intern I am watching my physical challenges and limits worsening to where I know I can't physically sustain what I am presently doing.

I would benefit from a house made from my body so much. It would take the marathon out of each day. This would make a huge improvement to my quality of life. The sad and challenging part of this is that I don't have the financial means to sustain it. I am motivated to help myself. I just hope I am able to perserve long enough that I have things situated in my home that I am able to pursue my plans for self employment in order to facilite life changing housing.

My body creates a wild unknown. I had my first orthopedic surgery as an adult in September 2007. I was suppose to be fine for 15 years, undergo a routine hip replacement surgery and life would continue as normal. To say the least this is all that hasn't happened for me. My body doesn't respond normally because my hip disease wasn't understood in 1979. Well meaning doctors set in motion the symptoms I am experiencing. In the interceding years cuts to social assistance continue to happen. I am finding myself with a very narrow viable option. It hinges on self employment. My body is such a wild card. This has become a race against my body if I will be able to complete my plans.