Living Life In A Wheelchair

A Letter To The Ministry Of Community And Social Services (Ontario Canada Government)
[ Wednesday January 18th 2017 at 12:04 pm ]

Over the past few years I've begun having ideas of how the social assistance program operated by the Ontario Canada Government could be improved. Numerous positive changes have been announced over the past 6 months. This morning I wrote a letter to the member of the Ontario Canada legislature that oversees this with my ideas.

Some of my benefits come from the county where I live. Over the past few years I've exchanged a handful of e-mails with the financial manager of the county where I live. This initially started off with a 'thank you' for the help this would be to my life. I also shared some ideas for the county in helping hands on with other people I encounter and needs that are felt. I've sent him a copy of my letter as well.

Overall I am confident the funds to help the disabled and low income are being spent wisely. I am also confident the powers that be are trying to make the programs offered relevant and effective. I applaud the work they are doing.