Living Life In A Wheelchair

Ordered A Pair Of Arch Supports From wiiv
[ Monday July 8th 2019 at 12:05 am ]

About two years ago I saw an amazing product online: Arch supports that are designed stemming from photos in an app. The methodology for creating this is much different than arch supports that are cast around your foot. They are substantially less expensive than custom orthopedics. I've ordered a pair. It is worth trying these.

I am presently is the process that will lead to an operation on both of my knee joints. You wouldn't normally buy custom arch supports when orthopedic surgery is in the near future. I would not recommend this. Orthopedic surgery on a hip or knee can affect the arch and make the custom arch supports null and void.

But my ankles have both become critical. There is a 3 way tug of war happening in both of my legs. That is my hips, knees and ankles in both legs are fighting each other. I need to try to break the grid lock. I am feeling both tendinitis and arthritis in my ankle joints. It is commonly making simply standing up a huge challenge and nearly impossible when my ankles are at their worst. My ankles are now also contributing to my broken sleep. The use of arch supports is one of the treatments for the tendinitis in the ankle. Ultimately this purchase is to help my quality of life.

I will need to order a new pair once I have surgery. This technology really excites me. It makes sense to me. This is the businesses web site if you wish to consider this yourself.