Living Life In A Wheelchair

Mail Ordered A Bowed Legs Traction Kit
[ Sunday January 15th 2017 at 11:30 am ]

Over the past 6 years I've literally had the complete spectrum of diagnoses for my knee joints. I don't take anyone's word for what is wrong with me; I need to be satisfied what is being said to me is accurate. I have the mental aptitude to evaluate this.

The best that I can work out is that 3 tissues within both of my knee joints have joined together to create the problem which is keeping me from healing and physiotherapy being successful. I recognize that as individuals none of the arthritis is particularly serious. But as a united front it has kept me from healing over a span of 23 months of physiotherapy.

It seems to me that if I could cause the 3 tissues to become individuals again and no longer be a united front I would have the best possibility of healing without surgical intervention. I've decided to mail order an adult leg traction kit for the purpose of straightening my bowed legs. I'll need to wear a leg traction kit 2 or more hours a day for 6 months to see if I am going to get any results. I am confident comparing weekly photos on my computer screen will show me after 6 weeks if this is going to be helpful. During my afternoon rest I'll wear this after I initially get use to it and am confident no collateral damage is being caused. I'll need to try another stint of physiotherapy after this. I am willing to give another 6 months effort.

I still want to protect myself from setting a more serious situation in motion if I have to go the route of surgery. If I had knee replacement surgery tomorrow my bowed legs would cause an artificial knee joint to wear unevenly. If this straightens my legs but the mobility issues persist I am ok with it. It would still have been worth it.

As much as I want to be compliant to the health care community at this point I've spent 23 months trying to recover and all I'm doing is loosing my mobility by causing further deterioration in my knee joints. I don't see any point in continuing down the same path hoping for a result.