Living Life In A Wheelchair

Hole Dug For Weather Station Post
[ Wednesday June 12th 2019 at 3:52 pm ]

I am trying to live out my life. There is a very fine balance between living life, setting goals and the requirement maintenance of my physical disability - chronic pain. When I have them in sync with each other life goes really well. However there are times when things happen that are out of my control.

I experienced this with my physical disability. For much of the past 4 years it has been so unpredictable of what I'm going to be able to do each day. My medical treatment became so far off track. I try to set reasonable goals for my life. My physical disability becomes a wild card. If my body isn't doing ok I am very limited in what I am able to accomplish in a given day or group of successive days. Experiencing very debilitating pain for a group of successive days affects my order of priorities, what I am able to accomplish and my skill set in what I am able to reasonably do without becoming very frustrated.

In July 2018 I ordered a weather station. I want to study the wind in my back yard. I am wondering if the wind is sufficient to create electricity with a low wind speed residential wind turbine. This will also give me the added benefit of a designated screen showing my the local weather. This affects me because of using a wheelchair or mobility scooter when doing my errands and being exposed. With the weather station I purchased I will also be able to share my weather station details online.

One of my neighbors has been over helping me this afternoon. He has started digging the post hole for installing my weather station. This makes me really happy. I am trying to finish off projects I've started so I am able to move forward with my life. It will be truly wonderful to finish this off so I am able to move onto my current set of goals and resulting projects in my pursuit of self employment.