Living Life In A Wheelchair

Starting The Hole For My Weather Station
[ Tuesday June 11th 2019 at 3:30 pm ]

In August 2018 I purchased a weather station. At the time I was beginning to think about setting up the servers to run my web sites. I wanted to know if the wind was sufficient to run a horizontal wind turbine to offset the electricity they use. My intent was to setup a weather station for 12 months to understand if they would make electricity or not. There are various residential weather stations that are designed for specific wind speeds. There should be an option for the low end of the scale. I wasn't able to complete the setup. What was practically needed for managing my physical disability and chronic pain hijacked my life and the installation of the weather station got let go.

I've been intentional to complete what I have on the goal so I may then move on with my life. Getting the weather station setup is important to me. A friend came over for about 40 minutes. He started digging the hole for mounting my weather station post. The hole is presently 34 inches deep. One more day will get me down to the required 48 inches to get past the frost line. I don't want the post to heave due to frost. Reasonably speaking 1 more digging session will be needed to complete the hole.

The steps that remain are straight forward:

  • I am going to need to purchase more premix cement and a 12" sonotube.
  • After the cement has started to cure the weather station will need to be mounted to the post.
  • Then I need to do the server setup for receiving the weather station data.
  • Finally I plan to create a Personal Weather Service account to broadcast my details to the world.