Living Life In A Wheelchair

Appointment With A Friend Who Is A Counselor
[ Tuesday June 11th 2019 at 9:55 am ]

Last week I received the results of my recent MRI knee imaging. I've been thinking through what is the lesser of all evils for treatment and what form of knee surgery I would like. The injuries in both of my knee joints are similar to my hip joints. My hip treatment for tears was unsuccessful. The tears re-occurred. I just don't fancy repeated surgeries on my knees without making any gains.

I've completed an appointment with a friend who is a counselor. I wanted to use him as a sounding board before the follow up appointment I will have with my surgeon. I am trying to organize my thoughts in a way that presents a narrative to the surgeon which is effective. My concern is that the surgeon doesn't know my medical history in detail. I am hoping to educate him in a way that is effective and will result in making helpful decisions for my body while improving my quality of life.