Living Life In A Wheelchair

Ordered a 55mm to 250mm Lens For My DSLR Camera
[ Sunday June 9th 2019 at 6:32 pm ]

There are a handful of creative outlets which help me co-exist with my chronic pain and physical disability. This amounts to improving my quality of life. It is something I have control over. Engaging in meaningful activities does a lot for my morale and commitment to live out my life.

In the fall I purchased a used DSLR camera. Nature photography helps me so much. I get right into it. At least for a moment I am able to forget my physical challenges and the unrelenting pain. I purchased a used model so I'd be able to afford some accessories.

I was out for my birthday Friday evening. I brought my camera with me to film the sunset. I've discovered the limits of the camera. It needs a different lens for nature photography. After doing research yesterday I've discovered the lens the camera came with is designed for portraits and close up shots. I just can't zoom in to get the type of awe inspiring photos that go viral.

Part of my research was to find what lens I do need and the cost. It is just amazing the cost of lens. There is such a wide range. Even the same lens is sold brand new has a wide range. I've placed an order for a 55mm to 250mm lens for my DSLR camera. This should work really well for my nature photography. It is obvious to me that buying used allowed the price of the camera lens to come down. I've used nature photography as a creative outlet for several years now. I am confident this is money well spent. I am already looking forward to it arriving.