Living Life In A Wheelchair

How I Setup The Rocky The Hamster Cam
[ Tuesday January 11th 2022 at 5:26 pm ]

Today's video is a look behind the scenes of the Rocky The Hamster Cam I've setup. In part it brings me so much joy watching Rocky going about his hamster life. Using the camera lets me do so without disturbing Rocky. But more than the camera represents the ability to share Rocky with my youTube and Twitch account followers. It is truly wonderful sharing him with those who are struggling, have physical or mental illness and individuals looking for a smile to combat a hard day. I share the process of physically setting up the camera. Then I go into detail for how I record the Rocky The Hamster Cam. It is wonderful during covid being able to share our pets online. For those who enjoy Rocky's presence in their lives it is joy and honor bringing him to you.