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April 2023 Newsletter Edition

It is amazing how fast the month of April has passed. I have some important things started that will continue into May for completion. Life isn't perfect. I am trying my best to do what is possible to improve my circumstances each day.

Rocky The Hamster continues to fight the abscess on his left ear. I love him so much. It hasn't been easy seeing him afflicted with this. I have learned just how fragile hamsters are. With their little bodies sedating them is very risky. Rocky is 18 months old. Putting him through the operation to remove the abscess seems so risky. Instead I've been focusing on helping his body through this and intentionally spending quality time with him so he feels loved and cared about. I have been applying an antibiotic ointment used for people to his abscess in the hopes his body won't become septic. He seems to be taking this in stride. I only want the best for him.

My family doctor office is a multi-disciplinary medical practice. Besides the family doctors there are also nurse practitioners, social workers, dietitians, low income dental care and a wide range of community programs. I am eligible for their foot care program. Specifically it has become too physically challenging for me to cut my own toe nails. Doing so results in me spending the following 2½ days in bed. It isn't tenable. I have 30 minute appointments to receive help with this every 6 weeks.

In the fall I attended a 7 week grief support group. When we reached the one year anniversary of my aunt's death I started missing her and needed help working through the grief. I really enjoyed the grief support group. This wasn't pleasurable. In fact it was far from it. What made it so enjoyable was a combination of the curriculum, that I wasn't alone in grieving my aunt's death and the ability to talk and listen to each persons experience. With the chronic pain I experience I needed more help. I asked if I could attend this a second time. This was the first time the organization hosting the group was presented with this request. They took me at face value in understanding about co-existing with my chronic pain and the emotional fortitude required to co-exist with near constant pain. The new group I will be attending starts on Wednesday evening. I am actually looking forward to it. I don't feel nervous. I trust the process. I can tell from how I benefited from the fall 2022 group that by the time the 7 sessions are up that i will have got what I needed from this.

Most evenings I play computer games for about 2½ hours before going to bed. Earlier in April I organized a computer based miniature golf evening. I had an absolutely wonderful time. A total of 9 people attended. This is 2 more than last time. The 17 year old was the DJ for us. A man in his 50's sang along to several of the songs. Overall we enjoyed each others company. Considering what I've endured with the issues in my hips and knees I've been so grateful for moments like these.

Once again I experienced some unexpected kindness. One of my extended family members lives in the same city as me. Her mom and sisters came to visit her. They stopped over at my home and had a care package for my birthday. My birthday isn't until June. I really appreciated feeling cared about. Included with the care package was $50. I am planning to have a monthly picnic from March to November. I have used this money to order a quality insulated lunch bag. The city where I live has several parks, nature trails and the waterfront. When I am in nature I forget about the issues with my legs and am able to live in the moment. When I experience unexpected kindness it keeps me motivated and feeling encouraged. I have enough of these moments happen that helps me to keep going and trying to make the best out of my life. Even in the midst of difficulties there is lots to be thankful for.