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October 2022 Newsletter Edition

The month of October has been as difficult as I had expected. My right knee joint buckling at the end of September really has upended my life. This has not been an easy month. I am going to need to put in a lot more effort to try and figure out what I have left to work with. I had already become very limited in what I could accomplish (physically speaking) courtesy of my right knee joint. As I go through the next few months I will need to sort through the mechanics of how I do things, reassess what my new physical limits are and what provision I need to give my right knee joint.

I've reverted to using some strategies that have helped me when my physical disability has flared up in the past:

  • I placed an order for non perishable groceries with Amazon.
  • I purchased perishable groceries at the same plaza my family doctor office is located at following appointments with my social worker
  • Roasting a turkey provided me with numerous meals turkey based meals (wraps, stews, soup and turkey dinners)
  • Prioritized computer and sitting based tasks in order to avoid doing nothing with my life as I wait to give my right knee the 6 weeks it requires
  • Used the Internet for social engagement and playing games with others
  • Done my best to prioritize sleep so I am making the best decisions for myself as practical

The support I asked for concerning my aunt dying is now in motion. I am meeting with the social worker every second week. I am pleased with this. These appointments are on a Monday. The 8 week grief support group she asked me to join is back to meeting in person as covid restrictions have been lifted. Instead I was referred to a group still relying upon the Internet. This will be starting on the first Tuesday of November and is a total of 7 weeks. Once the social worker has got to know me the plan is for the social worker and myself to do the home work together. It is significantly easier for me to discuss the homework and read the supplemental reading material with someone than by myself. With the amount of pain I am experiencing due to my physical disability I find talking much easier than reading and writing. I am very grateful for the practical support.

I am still very displeased with the way my July 2022 knee surgeon appointment went. The orthopaedic clinic I attend is is connected with a university and is a teaching facility for interns. During my July appointment the intern was completely overwhelmed when I told her my right knee joint buckled. The time I spent with her was unhelpful. The time with the surgeon was equally abysmal. He spent not more than 90 seconds talking me. The remainder of the time was spent with his discussing my physical disability with the 5 interns he is mentoring. It did me an injustice. I've taken the decision to request a different knee surgeon. To help me in the short term I will be having another appointment with my pain specialist mid November. I really hope this is able to able to stabilize my right knee joint.

With the upheaval happening in my life I've tried my best to engage in self care. I went out to take some nature photography and had an absolutely lovely time doing so. I am always so glad when I've done this. I completely forget about the challenges in my legs while doing this. Creative activities always help me co-existing with my physical disability and the severe chronic pain I am experiencing.