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July 2022 Newsletter Edition

The month of July has been very difficult. My right knee continued to deteriorate. I've had to put a lot more effort into the maintenance of my health care and not in completing the setup of my laser engraver and effort to renovate the shed into a woodworking space. I've tried to make the best of it.

In my pain management appointment this month I asked that the topic we focus on was the quality of my sleep. I hope it will make a difference. The broken sleep takes so much out of me. I am ambitious. I care about my life. I am committed to making the most possible out of my life. I need to get the broken and poor quality sleep under control if I am to accomplish my goals. I appreciate the help from the medical community to address this.

I've been very fortunate to purchase a used portable air conditioner I may use in the shed. The portable air conditioner was an excellent price. This is because the plastic water discharge connection had broke off and required a repair. When I saw what was needed the repair was obvious. I setup a drinking water filter. This uses ΒΌ" tubing. The outside diameter was ever so slightly narrower than the portable air conditioner discharge. For me it was very easy to solvent weld this tubing into place and repair the portable air conditioner. It is working very well to cool the shed from the warmth of summer. The lack of air conditioning was the biggest obstacle to making progress in the shed becoming a woodworking space.

My friend Joe has been very graciously supporting my vision of renovating the shed into a woodworking space. With the state of my legs I am needing help help with strapping shed walls. This is so it may use insulation designed for 2" x 6" studs instead of 2" x 4". With the shed having 4 outside walls this will drastically reduce the long term cost of heating and air conditioning. This is more work up front. If I am to make this work for self employment then it will pay off in savings. In turn this will allow me to earn money. With the disability benefits I receive not keeping up with the cost of inflation it is really important that I am both intentional and tactical in my pursuit. I am trying my best.

I continue to enjoy caring for my pet hamster Rocky. I find it fascinating watching his body language and figuring out what Rocky is communicating with each of his postures. I've trained Rocky that if he stands on my hand it is ride back to his cage. After repeating his several times he know understands this. Rocky now goes to the entrance of his sleeping hut to receive a small piece of fruit from me. I've realized the posture Rocky makes when asking for more. I've also seen in Rocky that he only takes what is needed and won't gorge himself. Rocky does a really good job at self care. This makes it enjoyable caring for him.