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December 2022 Newsletter Edition

I have made the best use of time during December. It has been amazing how fast 2022 has passed. I've kept myself as busy as I can handle. I have a lot to accomplish for 2023. I am feeling hopeful. I am seeing the goals from the past few years coming together.

The CD I ordered has arrived! Take two worked. It is called Instrumental Magic. It is really enjoyable. I have copied the music onto my computer. This is creating nice ambience for my home. I have really enjoyed the various songs playing in the background while I work on the computer or am talking to friends.

The 7 week grief support group wrapped up. I have mixed feelings over this. I really enjoyed the group. With the chronic pain I experience I find it much easier to talk and discuss the various aspects of grief compared to doing this on my own. I will be continuing to meet with the social worker. I am doing the homework from the group with the social worker. We are going at a pace I am able to handle. This is to keep me from being overwhelmed. The pain I am experiencing is significantly more challenging to effectively address emotional issues compared to the last time someone I cared about died.

The social worker is suggesting I take the group a second time. I see the merit in this. My aunt was a big part of my life. I enjoyed knowing her. I can't let myself get exhausted to where I am not able to function in day to day life. The organization that hosted the group had a meeting about me and my request to repeat it. They have agreed to it. They have been understanding about why I signed up and have been sensitive when I've indicated I need more help with my aunt dying. The rest of my life isn't wrecked. This is about going at a pace I am able to handle. This has been miserable. I am starting to see the benefit of it.

The hardware to make my crosscut sled has arrived! This is to go with my woodworking goals. A crosscut sled will allow me to make mitre cuts using my table saw. This is the motion that is compatible with my body. The delivery of this hardware has significantly outperformed the estimation. I had selected economy shipping. For right now it will sit on the shelf in preparation for spring when the remainder of the shed is prepared for my laser engraver and woodworking aspirations. This gives me hope. I am looking to use the money I earn to underwrite the cost of the needs created by my physical disability. I'd like to be able to hire a house cleaner.

Christmas has been very different this year. We've had a significant snow storm. This has delayed my plans to eat a meal with a family to celebrate Christmas into January 2023. As well on Christmas morning Grandma Kinney died. This was my last remaining grandparent. She was 97 years old. Grandma had become critically ill 4 weeks ago. I am thankful she isn't suffering. I feel 97 years old is a good life. I spent time writing letters to Grandma every few months in recent years. I included photos of whatever I was working on at the time. This gave me something to talk about. I really enjoyed doing this. This was my way of showing love to Grandma. I will miss her.

I am continuing to enjoy caring for Rocky the hamster. My disability has afforded me the time to train and get to know him on his turns. I've got use to the postures Rocky uses to communicate his needs to me. I've been consistent in my responses to him. I love giving him nose and forehead pets. I enjoy my hamster back massages. Overall I find it really enjoyable saying "good morning" to him as I get myself ready for bed each night.