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June 2021 Newsletter Edition

The month of June has been very full. In fact it is amazing we are half way through 2021. Time has a way of passing.

My drivers license's license and health card both needed to be renewed. I was able to do so using the Service Ontario website. This was easy and straight forward. They are taken care of for the next 5 years.

I am continuing to make gains with crypto currency mining. It has become a reliable source of passive income. I am working to expand it. I purchased an AMD 6700xt. It was dead on arrival. I've arranged a return manufacturer authorization for an in warranty repair or replacement. When it is back I should be able to generate about $150CAD a month. Considering the disability pension hasn't been keeping up with the actual cost of living this is really important to keeping my bills pain.

One of my house jacks needed to be replaced. This maintenance has been completed. This is one less thing to be done. There is other maintenance my home needs completing. I am going to need thinking through what to do first, second, third, etc. I am thinking about replacing wooden windows. I also need to think about my physical disability. Accessibility items (such as a chair lift) are also a high priority.

I've continued to make progress with the intruder clean up. One of my friends has been very gracious in assisting me. It is great having more of this process completed. I especially enjoy the part of the work that involves making donations to items I no longer need. The more I get done the more I enjoy this process.