Living Life In A Wheelchair

March 2020 Newsletter Edition

The month of March hasn't been easy for me. I'm having a really hard time with my legs. It is obvious I am needing to start hiring a cleaner as soon as it is practical to do so. I've been thinking through and revised my "to do" list to try and ease some of the strain off my body. I've been thinking about what I need in very practical terms to make my life as easy as is possible.

I purchased a laser engraver in 2019. My plan is to etch some of my nature photos into wood and sell these online to raise money to hire a cleaner. I promptly ran into 2 challenges after setting up the laser engraver:

  • My smoke detectors are so sensitive that using it sets them off. It needs to be setup by a window and vented with a range hood while in use.
  • During the final 6 months of 2019 I was having such a hard time with my hips and ankles that this slipped from the top of my priority list.

I am again focusing on this and plan to continue doing so until it is a source of ongoing revenue. Once the system is in plan for using this and I'm generating money I believe I can maintain this. To finish off the setting up and instead of my plans being defeated by my body I'm asking for help where I need it and am becoming better at pacing myself. This has become a critical component to my plans. I want to enjoy my life. I recognize the skill set I'm good at. I want to excel at this and have help filling the void created by my body for an adult my age.

I've revised the system for baking my breakfast oatmeal cookies. I've invested in (2) 24 cup cake baking pans, a food processor and a stand mixer. Using cup cake liners and this equipment helps minimize the stress on my body. The initial batch made 45 oatmeal cookies (albeit in the shape of a cup cake). What I really like about this is that it is a set portion. I am mindful of my body weight and trying to eat healthy. After I've made my initial few batches I will film the entire process to share on my youTube channel as an option for others to duplicate. I like sharing strategies that are working for me.

I realize that I'm needing central air conditioning installed in my home. This is to help keep me comfortable, maximize the effect of the pain medication in keeping me comfortable and maximize what I am able to reasonably achieve. For me the first step in adding central air conditioning to my home is obvious: Add a second layer of insulation to the attic. One of the young adults in the community did this for me. I am very pleased to have this completed. This is along the thought pattern of "a penny saved is a penny earned". For summer 2020 I am planning to use central air conditioning. My hope is to add central air conditioning in 2021. Starting now prevents me from pursuing a schedule that isn't viable. On account of having a physical disability I need to accept help when it is available.

I have purchased a dehumidifier. In part this is to help keep my home healthy. This house needs the humidity better managed during the summer months. This is also to help improve the efficiency of the central air conditioner I expect to purchase in 2021. I am having this setup at the top of the stairs in my home. This is where the natural convection currents exist. This is to help maximize it's efficiency. There is loads of physical space for this to exist in the hall. I've asked for help installing a designed drain the water the dehumidifier retrieves.

As the month came to an end I completed my income tax return for 2019. This has become very important. Both the Federal Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario are providing financial relief on account of Covid 19. They have taken a practical approach to limit applications. I need to keep my personal income taxes up to date to receive what is being targeted to assist me. These funds should help me in my pursuit of self employment and the expenses I'm encountering.