Living Life In A Wheelchair

July 2019 Newsletter Edition

I've been thinking about my life. When I'm working on my projects I find it so rewarding. It is wonderful seeing what I create. it also gives me a huge sense accomplishment. The effort it takes me to complete my projects makes it so rewarding.

I went to out take some photos in the evening. I had a huge surprised. Someone recognized me and gave me a bouquet of hand picked flowers. It meant so much to me. The occasional encouragement goes a long way. I'm so focused on supporting, offering and giving hope to those who need it.

I've been continuing to work on my weather station. I'm finding it so fascinating. In part the practical help I've needed for the installation in my backyard has been so gracious and special to me. As well it just blows my mind the ability of this equipment. There is more work to do in the months ahead.

When my weather station becomes a "well oiled machine" and I have the kinks worked out it has a lot of potential to provide a practical necessity to the community. I'm also gathering wind data on my back yard to assess if a residential wind turbine may help offset some of my electricity. If this grows there is an opportunity for some advertising revenue to go with a web site I'll create for my weather station. When you have a physical disability like mine passive income is so very important.

I ended the month with a special moment. One of the neighbors is moving to Australia. The boy in the family looks up to me as a role model. I purchased an address book designed for children to help in a practical way keep track of his Canadian friends and also to help him prepare for moving. I will miss seeing the family. But as I've long since observed: There isn't much in this world that stands still.