Living Life In A Wheelchair

August 2018 Newsletter Edition

The month of August started off well. The month ended with serious health concerns after I experienced a very poor reaction to a routine tetanus immunization.

I took the next step towards my goal of setting up an online store to go with this web site. I've purchased a label printer and rolls of label paper. The label printer I purchased is used. I don't think I need a new model. What I've selected is able to be connected using a computer network. I expect this will serve me well. I found generic label rolls for sale which are compatible with the label printer. In total this saved me about $900 CAD compared to buying new and brand name label rolls. In the short term the label printer will help me as I submit documents to my disability case worker. It is a shame I am unable to submit documents electronically. The real reason I purchased this is to use for printing both address labels and printing a custom CN22 to declare the contents when shipping out of the country.

I am continuing to plan for creating an online fund raiser for suitable housing for me. A house made for my body would make such a difference in improving my quality of life. I use to play the piano for church services and weddings. I miss this. I plan to use my ability to play the piano and if my legs are able the organ to raise money by recording myself and uploading the music online. I think using music as a fund raiser would help me as well as others who live with a chronic illness. I am going to use a touch screen "all in one" computer to display the music and record me for editing and rendering. I've upgraded the computer with more memory and hard drives. The computer is ready for me to start using as I began to brush up on my piano playing.

The mobility scooter and mobility scooter trailer have been delivered. I am really pleased with the purchase. Before I start using this I plan to modify it so this is structurally more robust and add some accessories. I am ordering the accessories online from Asian countries so I get the best value for my money. I am unsure of when these parts will arrive. I will start working on the modifications and likely finish in spring 2019. I enjoy using my hands. It is very rewarding. I hope that I am physically able to complete this. I really need the better suspension system. The suspension system in my wheelchair is minimal. It is causing me so much pain.

My local hospital helped me a whole lot after I underwent a routine tetanus immunization on August 28th. About 12 hours after the immunization I woke up shaking, feeling hot and cold. I went to the emergency department of my local hospital. They treated me really well. I had a severe fever and was given medication to treat this immediately. My wait time was all of 2 minutes. Initially the ER doctor was concerned virtually all of my internal organs were shutting down. I underwent a battery of tests. I was healthy. Simply being physically run down at the time of the immunization caused the very poor response. I had an ER department nurse almost exclusively to myself for the initial 90 minutes. They continued to check on me and I was treated very well. I am going to arrange a proper "thank you". I appreciated the genuine care, attentiveness and concern in taking care of my body.