Living Life In A Wheelchair

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Ordered Some Non Perishable Groceries
[ August 8th 2022 at 2:02 am ]

I just ordered a few non perishable groceries. They should be here at the end of the week. I am wanting to be in bed right now. But I couldn't waste the time when awake. I am finally just starting to get the upper hand on my pain s

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May 2022 Edition

The month of May has been interesting. My time has been spent between health care appointments, working on my projects and recovering from a few instances where my right knee cap dislocated. I tentatively think things are going in th

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Strategies To Improve Your Quality Of Sleep
[ September 28th 2022 at 7:21 pm ]

In this video I discuss strategies to improve your quality of sleep. I asked that my medical appointment last week be about this topic to see what other options there are. I share what the health care professional told me to try and

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