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"Living Life In An Electric Wheelchair"

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Gave A Young Adult Couple A Stroller For Their Coming Baby
[ October 27th 2018  5:21 pm ]
July 2018
Being Really Good At Who You Are
[ September 29th 2018 at 9:44 pm ]

I just did something really special. A few weeks ago a friend moved out of province on account of employment. There was limited time for the pack and had some items to give away. One of these items was a stroller. With the youth I support in town I knew I could pass this onto one of the youth ne... Continue Reading

The month of July has been interesting. I've been maxed out in what I am able to achieve. I am making progress with my goals. I am pleased with what I've achieved. I've tried something new this month. The community health center near my home is offering a course for people who live with chronic... Continue Reading

This video is a gentle reminder and a challenge to be confident in being your own person. It is hope for those who need it right now. It will be reassurance for some individuals in the midst of facing their struggles. Overall it is courage for those needing it.... Continue Reading

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