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July 2018

The month of July has been interesting. I've been maxed out in what I am able to
achieve. I am making progress with my goals. I am pleased with what I've achieved. I've
tried something new this month. The community health center near my home is offering

June 2018

Throughout the month of June my life has begun to transition into a new normal. As
I sat down to prepare this I'm pleased with what I've accomplished this month. It
hasn't been easy. My efforts this month have been very rewarding. I purchased a

May 2018

The month of May has been about starting to make big changes for how I live out my
life. How I am presently living has become unsustainable. I need to do things differently.
I've been writing off 4 - 5 days each week. I can't keep doing this. Even the most

April 2018

Throughout the month of April 2018 I've been taking stock of my life, needs and the
resources I require to optimally function. I am coming to the conclusion it is unavoidable
that I need to restructure my life. I don't know exactly what changes I will be making.

March 2018

Overall March 2018 has been a good month. I'm pleased with the progress I've made
towards my goals. I've been able to spend time towards deep cleaning my home. I am
enjoying getting organized. I've made really good progress scanning and then shredding

February 2018

February has been an interesting month. Why I use the word 'interesting' is because
the concurrent roller coaster of challenges and rewarding moments I've experienced.
Ultimately the way this month played out was unavoidable and has set in motion that

January 2018

Throughout January I have been planning for my future. There have been two key themes. Prior
to my hip joints becoming a crisis in 2006 I frequently played the piano for church
services and weddings. I miss doing this. After the recovery from my hip replacement

December 2017

Throughout the month of December I did much planning. With the death of my dad in
November 2017 I will be receiving some life insurance money. This will provide me
with the financial means of a renovation for an office and an up to date 64 bit server.

November 2017

November 2017 hasn't been easy for me. I need to be honest and candid in this monthly
update. While I am sitting her writing I am also thinking. I am having some very
serious challenges with my pain control. When this happens it spills over into virtually

October 2017

Overall the month of October 2017 has been about new beginnings for me. As month
31 passed since my second hip replacement surgery without making a recovery I've needed
to switch my focus to address what is necessary to manage my physical needs and provide

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