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October 2016

Overall October 2016 has been a very difficult month.

The appointment I had with my surgeon on September 19th 2016 is still bothering me. I genuinely thought my surgeon knew me better. If he had been willing to listen to me I could have received helpful input in the ongoing physiotherapy I engage in. Since his input is irrelevant I've had two appointments with my family doctor this month. My family doctors approach to my physiotherapy has been far more practical. As I learned with my hips my family doctor is an excellent advocate for me. I genuinely want to recover and regain my mobility if it is possible. When I experience setbacks my family doctor listens to me and we try to figure out what's next together.

On October 14th 2016 I suffered a setback which started during a physiotherapy session. A squatting exercise designed to strengthen my leg muscles has severely backfired. I've lost all the mobility I've worked so hard to gain back over the past 20 months. As the month ended I only have enough use of my knee joints to stand up and transfer into my wheelchair.

The month ended with an appointment with my family doctor. I am being re-admitted to a physiotherapy clinic to provide better oversight of my physiotherapy regime. All that is funded where I live through our socialized health care is a home exercise program. I am not able to do my exercises in front of a physiotherapist. Initially this will give me someone to talk with every second week and try to re-gain what has been lost. I am not convinced this is going to work. But I learned with the lost of use of my left hip joint in 2006 that a physiotherapy discharge report is necessary for me to be considered for knee surgery.

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