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Gave A Young Adult Couple A Stroller For Their Coming Baby
[ October 27th 2018 5:21:00 pm ]

I just did something really special. A few weeks ago a friend moved out of province on account of employment. There was limited time for the pack and had some items to give away. One of these items was a stroller. With the youth I support in town I knew I could pass this onto one of the youth needing this.

One of the young men I've been supporting for several years just dropped by with his girl friend. I've given them the stroller and a basket that could be used for a baby to sit in. They seem very happy. I am glad to be able to do this.

When I first brought the stroller home it needed a bit of maintenance. One of the axles had some rust on it. I gave this a good sand. Then I used some of my metal paint to restore it. I also applied a UV protective clear coat to the foot peddle that locks the breaks. This is to protect it from the sun breaking down the plastic. I want this to last as long as possible to help this young family get started in life.

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