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Purchased Ingredients To Make Chicken Soup
[ October 27th 2018 3:24:00 pm ]

I've been out grocery shopping. I've purchased ingredients to make a batch of chicken soup with mixed veggies and rice. What I typically do is purchased a cut of chicken with minimal bones, frozen mixed veggies and use my rice, herbs and spices to flavor the soup. It makes it easy to prepare the soup for my slow cooker.

I typically cube the chicken after it is cooked. The only "down side" to this method is needing at least an extra 4 hours for the soup to cook in my slow cooker on account of using frozen veggies. If I prepare it before I go to bed I can package it up for freezing the next day. It spreads out the work and lets me do the most possible without upsetting my physical disability or chronic pain.

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