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Inquiring About A New Family Doctor
[ October 26th 2018 3:35:00 pm ]

My family doctor is planning to retire in August 2020. There is a family doctor practice at the community health center I've been attending for the seated exercise program and the others that address patient education and social interaction. It is so close to my home that it would be a really good match for me.

Right now attending an appointment with my family doctor in the next village over is a days activity. I am trying really hard to help myself. Having a family doctor so close to my home would let me do more on the days when I have my medical appointments.

I've asked the wait period and their process to apply to become a patient of their family doctor. It seems like it could be a really good match for me. I've been given the application form. I will complete this over the weekend and turn it on Monday when I am attending the seated exercise program.

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