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Delivery Of My New Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
[ October 25th 2018 2:31:00 pm ]

My new sewing machine has been delivered! I am so excited. I enjoy making crafts so much. I know my new heavy duty sewing machine will serve me well for many years to come.

The two projects I need it for are making blackout curtains the windows on the main floor of my home so I may sleep better and a waterproof cover for my mobility scooter - mobility scooter trailer storage. The cloth you use for both of these projects warrants the need of a heavy duty sewing machine.

I've got a lot to take care of during the next few months of my life. I am doing what I have control over that will improve my quality of life. I trust the Lord Jesus for the remainder. Then I will be able to really get focused on writing books and working out a healthy life style that the changes I am making will ease some of the challenges within my day to day life. I think my future will be positive.

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