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E-Mailed The Prime Minister And Opposition Leader Concerning The Canadian Federal Government Carbon Tax
[ October 24th 2018 3:13:00 pm ]

I've sent an e-mail to the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader of the Canadian Federal Government. Plans are in place for a federal carbon tax to be imposed on provinces which don't have their own carbon tax. I find this very frustrating.

I receive the disability social assistance available in a variety of forms. Sadly the financial component is roughly $6,000 a year below the poverty line for a single adult. I am not here wanting the world. If I can take steps to be ahead of just surviving I am able to focus my time and energy in building a home business and investing my life in others.

In this sense a carbon tax pulls me backwards. It is very disappointing. As we vote and elect the government I presented this in a respectful way.

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