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Had A Very Poor Reaction To A Routine Tetanus Immunization
[ August 29th 2018 8:15:00 am ]

The tetanus immunization I had at my family doctor's office yesterday has triggered a very concerning response within my body. It has been explained to me that the 72 hours following this injection the body builds up the immunity. In my case I developed a high fever and the classic set of symptoms which accompany this.

Initially the local hospital emergency department doctor was skeptical that the injection caused this. The high fever I was experiencing was indicative of any number of ailments or illnesses (the least of which was the result of a tetanus immunization). The doctor had a comprehensive set of tests performed on my body. I am glad to report I am otherwise healthy. The results of each test was negative. I am very grateful for the thoroughness of this doctor and not having tunnel vision.

The emergency department as a whole as a whole responded very quickly. It underpinned the seriousness of the fever I was experiencing. I really value my life. I am grateful for the treatment provided. I've been enjoying working on my projects during the past few weeks. I am looking forward to the growth the steps I am taking will result during the coming months. I am really hopeful towards my life. I appreciate the many hands which have helped me as I go through my journey.

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