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Inquiring About Accessibility Of The Dentist's Office For My September Appointment
[ August 28th 2017 10:41:00 pm ]

The building where my dentist has their practice is undergoing a major retrofit. In part the building is being updated so it is significantly more energy efficient for heating in the winters and cooling in the summer months. As well the building is being updated for accessibility.

Earlier today I reached out to the dental administrative assistant to ask how the construction was completing and if I would have access to the main entrance during my upcoming appointment. I've heard back that the construction isn't going to be completed prior to my dental appointment in late September. I was told what entrance I would need to use.

On the way home from using the swimming pool this evening I went past the dental office to check that this entrance is accessible for my power wheelchair. A shrub in the flower bed beside the ramp is blocking about ⅓ of the ramp. My concern with this is the joystick wiring will be roughed up. The same with the LED light wiring for my wheelchair. If the power arced it could very quickly do in excess of $1,600 damage. I've contacted the dental office to ask that they attend to this.

There are two lessons in this for those of you who rely on a power wheelchair, scooter, walker or crutches for your mobility.

  • Planning ahead saves a lot of headaches before they become a problem
  • It is important to express your needs. A reasonable need may be planned for and accommodated. I've articulated I am not trying to be a nuisance and that I am trying to be pro active.

I am sure I will hear back how we may accommodate my needs.

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