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Purchased A Basic Welder
[ August 22nd 2018 3:25:00 pm ]

Today I've purchased a basic welder. It is designed to work with metals up to ⅛" thick. It is ideal to learn on. With my physical disability I will quickly be able to assess if this is something I physically am able to do or not. The benefit of this will present numerous modifications to accommodate my physical needs at a fraction of the cost as I go through my life.

The project I have right now is to reinforce the frame of the mobility scooter I recently purchased. This will extend the service life of the mobility scooter. Eventually the frame tweaks and it becomes useless. I want to protect my investment. This will be my mobility and means of doing chores for several years to come. However if I physically can't do this myself a neighbor has graciously offered to assist me.

I know I'll be able to achieve my goal. This is a question if this presents new opportunities for me in the future. I am committed to my life.

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