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Mobility Scooter And Mobility Scooter Trailer Delivery [ August 10th 2018  10:07 am ]

My new mobility scooter and mobility scooter trailer has been delivered to my home! I am so pleased.
I can tell this is going to improve my quality of life. This has been weeks in the planning. I took

Final Session Of The Course I Took [ August 9th 2018  3:35 pm ]

Today was the final session of the course I took for those living with chronic conditions. I've really
enjoyed doing this. I've enjoyed the discussions. I've already realized many of the textbook lessons.

Delivery Of The Squirrel Cam! [ August 8th 2018  2:44 pm ]

A few weeks ago I purchased a dome style video surveillance camera. I really enjoy nature. I've decided
to make a squirrel nest and install the video surveillance camera in the ceiling. If a family of squirrels

Ordered Heavy Duty Waterproof Canvas To Make A Cover For My Mobility Scooter And Mobility Scooter Trailer [ August 8th 2018  12:15 am ]

I've placed an order for heavy duty waterproof canvas. This is the same type of material used to make
a BBQ cover. However what I've purchased is four times more durable. I will be used this to make a storage

Bought Medical Gloves For My Wheelchair Maintenance [ August 7th 2018  9:06 pm ]

I've used up my last pair of vinyl medical gloves for performing routine maintenance on my power wheelchair.
I've just gone over to the pharmacy near my home to purchase a new box. My power wheelchair is needing

Picked Up Rubberized Undercoating For My Mobility Scooter [ August 7th 2018  8:20 pm ]

I've just picked up 3 cans of undercoating spray. This is for my new mobility scooter and mobility scooter
trailer. I am spending time brain storming how I may take care of the mobility scooter and mobility scooter

Prepared Paper Work For For Mobility Scooter And Mobility Scooter Trailer Import From United States [ August 1st 2018  11:01 pm ]

I've now prepared the paper work for Canada Border Services Agency as my mobility scooter and mobility
scooter trailer cross the United States border into Canada. I've previously reached out to them to ensure

Upgrades To The Music Computer Complete [ August 1st 2018  9:48 pm ]

I've just finished the sheet music computer upgrades. It is really rewarding to have completed this step.
Soon I hope to be able to begin playing the piano again, record myself and raise money for a home built

Purchased Correct Memory Upgrade For The Music Computer [ August 1st 2018  4:22 pm ]

A local computer store has sold me the memory upgrade for the sheet music computer. I will be able to
complete this upgrade soon and put the "all in one" computer back together.

Label Maker And Label Paper Rolls Delivered [ August 1st 2018  9:26 am ]

On the weekend I mail ordered a used network label printer and generic label rolls. This will be for
the online store I am planning for (such as when I've wrote my books and begin selling them.) These have

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