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Single Serving Rice Cooker Delivered [ August 30th 2018  12:13 pm ]

My single serving rice cooker has been delivered! I am glad this happened. I ordered it 2 weeks ago. In
April I made an appointment with a dietitian. I asked for advice to avoid constipation as a result of

Follow Up Phone Call From My Family Doctor Office [ August 30th 2018  9:32 am ]

My family doctor had his receptionist call me. He read the short letter I sent last night. He is satisfied
the Tylenol - Advil regime recommended during my second trip the emergency department is the appropriate

Accountability For Fever Medication Usage [ August 29th 2018  11:47 pm ]

I don't take lightly the trust my family doctor has in me with my responsible use of the pain medication
needed to manage my physical disability. The Tylenol - Advil regime the hospital put me on during my

Sent A 'Thank You' Letter To The CEO Of My Local Hospital [ August 29th 2018  10:33 pm ]

I just sent a short 'thank you' e-mail to the CEO of my local hospital. The emergency department staff
were so good to me during the 2 trips during the past 24 hours. I really appreciated this with how weak

Back To The Hospital [ August 29th 2018  9:47 pm ]

I've just arrived home from a second trip to the hospital. I developed a second fever. I didn't want
it to grow to become the same severity as what I went through 14 hours ago. I've been put on a regime

Follow Up A Pharmacist [ August 29th 2018  8:07 pm ]

I just arrived home from the pharmacy. I wanted to have the pharmacist look at the bruise the intervenius
formed. I don't recall if it requires any special attention. I am really weak. I want to make sure

Delivery Of My Non Perishable Grocery Order [ August 29th 2018  10:26 am ]

My non perishable grocery order has been delivered. This was left at my door while I was resting. I am
glad it is here. When my energy picks up I will make my granola bars. There are a few other things still

Had A Very Poor Reaction To A Routine Tetanus Immunization [ August 29th 2018  8:15 am ]

The tetanus immunization I had at my family doctor's office yesterday has triggered a very concerning
response within my body. It has been explained to me that the 72 hours following this injection the body

An Appointment With My Family Doctor [ August 28th 2018  10:53 am ]

I've had a really positive appointment with my family doctor. Also my family doctor and I connected in
a special way during this appointment. Officially the appointment was for managing my chronic pain.

Placed Non Perishable Grocery Order [ August 28th 2018  12:27 am ]

I've placed my next non perishable grocery order. I've been spending my time working on the deep cleaning
of my home, making videos for my youTube channel and the modifications to my mobility scooter. I need

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