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E-Mail Advisory Of The Next Inheritance Installment [ September 15th 2018  8:36 am ]

I've received an e-mail from the executor of my dad's estate. The next installment of my inheritance
is being released. The money will really help me. I am planning to use this next sum of money towards Making

My Right Knee Joint Started To Dislocate [ September 12th 2018  2:49 am ]

I've had a very concerning incident in my right knee joint. I've work up to my right knee joint "popping"
following by intense pain. But instead of being one of the regular instances this time my right knee

Added Two USB Charging Ports To My New Mobility Scooter [ September 11th 2018  10:21 pm ]

I've had a bit more energy. I've now added the two USB charging ports to my mobility scooter. When I
got back in my home one of the people I showed what I did to said my changes look like they came with

Added A 12 Volt Vehicle Power Outlet To My New Mobility Scooter [ September 8th 2018  3:03 pm ]

I've had more success modifying my mobility scooter. I've added the next electronic accessory to it:
A 12 volt vehicle power outlet. This gives me numerous options for the future. I am looking to make

Added The Stereo Console To My New Mobility Scooter [ September 7th 2018  4:21 pm ]

I just took the next step for the modifications to my mobility scooter. I've added the stereo console
to my new mobility scooter. I am just waiting on the waterproof speakers to arrive. I am really looking

Donated Children's Flashlights To Battered Women's Shelter [ September 5th 2018  2:35 pm ]

A mistake happened with one of my online orders. I had ordered some flexible magnets. Instead the vendor
accidentally sent me 6 children LED flash lights. After I placed the order I changed my mind. I decided

"Thank You" For The Hospital Emergency Department Care In Motion [ September 4th 2018  11:53 am ]

I was to my local hospital for treatment twice earlier in the week. I had a really poor reaction to a
routine tetanus immunization. The hospital emergency department staff were very compassionate and caring

Arranging Routine Maintenance For My Power Wheelchair [ September 4th 2018  10:38 am ]

My power wheelchair is needing a major overhaul prior to the winter weather arrives. I've set things
in motion to apply for funding and arranging the hands on mechanic to perform the maintenance. I am still

Purchased More Frozen Meals [ September 2nd 2018  1:16 pm ]

Earlier this week between hospital trips I purchased some frozen meals. I was too weak to make my own
meals. To tie me over this works well. I told them what happened. They were really good to me. At that

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