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Confirmation My Case Worker Received The Paper Work Notifying Of My Coming Inheritance Installment [ September 24th 2018  11:53 am ]

I've received the standard form letter in the mail indicating my disability case worker received the paper
work about the current inheritance installment. I've come to appreciate written confirmation. It confirms

Delivered Paper Work Of My Latest Inheritance Installment To My Disability Case Worker [ September 23rd 2018  7:17 pm ]

I've now prepared the required paper work for my disability case worker. This relates to the latest inheritance
installment and documenting that I am below the maximum asset limit and may resume eligibility on October

Questions For Ontario's Drug Benefit [ September 22nd 2018  1:31 am ]

The Province of Ontario Canada has a drug program for low income households. Eventually I am going to
become ineligible for one of the disability pensions I receive. It provides me with medication coverage.

Received The Next Installment Of My Inheritance [ September 21st 2018  1:33 pm ]

The next installment for my inheritance has arrived. I am very grateful for this. There are two items
this next bit of money will help me by making a lump sum payment to my mortgage and the funds needed for

An Unexpected Surprise From Carlton Cards [ September 20th 2018  4:36 pm ]

Something really special is happening for me. I was out shopping earlier today. I needed help reaching.
Without intending on doing so I asked a supplier of the store I was shopping at for help. She was there

Paid My House Insurance For The Next 12 Months [ September 20th 2018  4:00 pm ]

My house insurance policy is up for renewal. I've paid it for the entire year. This says an administration
fee. I am trying to help myself and get the most out of the money I have to work with.

Attended Adult Coloring For The First Time [ September 18th 2018  3:37 pm ]

Today I attended adult coloring for the first time. I really enjoyed myself. We were casually talking
coloing. I enjoy crafts. I am really glad I did this. This was suggested to me by the programs secretary

Canceled Seated Exercises Program For Today [ September 17th 2018  8:03 am ]

I am still feeling too weak to attend the seated exercise program for today. I need to feel stronger
so I don't set myself back when the set of exercises.

Prepared And Delivered Paper Work For My Disability Case Worker About My Next Inheritance Installment [ September 16th 2018  7:40 pm ]

I've put together and delivered a summary of the paper work needed my disability case worker. This details
my pending inheritance installment I am going to be receiving. I've been transparent and am trying my

Inquiry To Bank For Making Another Lump Sum Payment To My Mortgage [ September 15th 2018  1:30 pm ]

After receiving the next installment of my inheritance I've contacted the financial planner from the financial
institution that holds my mortgage. I want to arrange a lump sum payment as part of my mortgage term

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