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Attended "Club 50+" [ October 4th 2018  3:30 pm ]

I was asked if I would like to attend a drop in for those 50 years old and older at the health centre
where I took the course this summer and attend the seated exercise program.  I decided to give it a try. 

Dropping Off My Wheelchair For An Overhaul [ October 2nd 2018  10:48 am ]

I've just delivered my power wheelchair for maintenance.  I am expecting it back sometime tomorrow. 
I am confident in the technician performing the maintenancce.  He has proven to be a good listener. 

An Appointment With A Friend Who Is A Counselor [ October 2nd 2018  9:50 am ]

I've had an appointment with a friend who is a counselor. I am considering an tenant. I needed someone
to objectively consider the plans I am making. I am wanting to ensure what I am pursuing is reasonable

Made Arrangements For My Power Wheelchair Maintenance Overhaul [ October 1st 2018  2:30 pm ]

I've returned the phone call to arrange the repairs to my power wheelchair. Tomorrow it will be overhauled.
I will get it back the following day. I have a manual wheelchair to use as my backup plan during the

Repaired The Puncture For My Power Wheelchair ROHO Cushion Seat [ October 1st 2018  2:25 pm ]

I've just completed a repair to the ROHO cushion. This is an air based cushion I sit on when using my
power wheelchair. The benefit to me of this cushion is to provide me with a more comfortable ride. It

Parts Have Arrived For My Wheelchair Maintenance Overhaul [ October 1st 2018  9:31 am ]

A few weeks ago I requested a quote for my power wheelchair. It needs a major overhaul. I received funding
approval and the parts were ordered to perform the maintenance. The parts for my power wheelchair maintenance

Ordered Memory Cards To Initiate Server Setup [ September 30th 2018  8:33 am ]

I am going to be using several single board computers as my servers. They require a microSD card to boot.
Then a hard drive takes over. I've just ordered a supply of the microSD cards. They will be here in

Help With My Cleaning [ September 29th 2018  1:20 pm ]

I've received help cleaning today. My floors needed washing and furniture needed to be dusted. I am
thinking through the right help I'll need long term while taking care of the needs of my day to day life.

Inquiring About Drug Coverage [ September 26th 2018  12:19 am ]

I've sent a request for details of the Province of Ontario Canada ‘Trillium Drug Program'. I am wanting
to know the eligibility requirements as I plan for my future. I am thinking through my budget as I pursue

Confirmation My Disability Eligibility Will Resume For October 1st 2018 [ September 25th 2018  1:38 pm ]

My disability case worker has responded to the paper work I dropped off on the weekend with a phone message.
As I expect my eligibility will resume on October 1st 2018.

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