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Applied UV Protective Clear Coat To My Outdoor Storage Bin [ October 19th 2018  1:25 pm ]

I've had the outdoor storage bin setup for a few days now. I've now applied a UV protective clear coat
to it. This is to protect the sun from degrading the plastic. It is to protect my investment. For those

Attended Adult Coloring [ October 16th 2018  3:31 pm ]

This afternoon I attended an adult coloring drop in. It is very enjoyable and engaging. While coloring
it is very natural to casually talk with the other people attending. It is really enjoyable. Any number

Voted In City Election Online [ October 15th 2018  11:26 pm ]

Here in Ontario campaigns are in progress for city elections. Advanced voting is available through the
Internet. A few weeks ago I received a voters card with credentials to vote online. I've just completed

Attended Seated Exercise Program [ October 15th 2018  3:12 pm ]

I've attended a seated exercise program this afternoon. I really enjoyed today. I've attended frequently
enough to have begun to know the regulars. The casual conversations help encourage me. Then after the

Purchased A Tool Box To Hold My Sewing Supplies [ October 14th 2018  12:38 pm ]

I've got a number of accessories purchased for my sewing machine. This is in preparation for my two projects:
Making a waterproof cover for my mobility scooter - trailer and blackout curtains. I've purchased a small

Ordered An Outdoor Storage Bin To Receive Online Purchases When I Am Not Home [ October 11th 2018  10:36 am ]

I was given a given a suggestion from a Canada Post parcel delivery agent. It was to purchase an outdoor
storage bin to receive parcels in when I am not home. I had already been considering this. I think it

Delivery Of My Vacuum Robot [ October 11th 2018  9:26 am ]

I've had a very special and exciting delivery: My robot vacuum is here! I will call him Leroy. My physical
disability has worsened this summer. I am physically unable to sweep the floors each day. I am so thankful

A Trip To The Pharmacy [ October 9th 2018  3:03 pm ]

I've just finished talking with a pharmacist. Some skin on my bum split. Skin break down is part of
the challenge for using a power wheelchair for mobility. I needed instruction for managing the skin break

Removed Rust From My Power Wheelchair [ October 9th 2018  1:30 pm ]

I've done some maintenance to my power wheelchair. I've removed some surface rust and applied metal paint
with rust inhibitors. I am trying to take care of my power wheelchair so it is able to take care of me.

Purchased A Vacuum Robot [ October 6th 2018  10:09 pm ]

I've been thinking really hard about how to help myself, what I have control over and external help that
is available for hire.  Even with the inheritance I'm receiving my finances are strained.  Any steps

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