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Attended Round Table Discussion For Improving Community Health [ October 24th 2018  1:05 pm ]

I've done something for the first time today: I attended a round table discussion for improving community
health. This is a topic I am passionate about. I feel it was time while spent. This took place during

Submitted Application For Winter Heating Subsidy [ October 24th 2018  11:40 am ]

I've completed and just delivered my application for the winter heating subsidy. I don't know what will
happen with my application. I've received this grant in the past. I am unsure the effect of the inheritance

Purchased A Heavy Duty Sewing Machine [ October 24th 2018  3:56 am ]

In August I purchased a quality mobility scooter and mobility scooter trailer. It needs a weather proof
cover. I researched and then purchased the appropriate fabric with a PVC coating. It is the same type

Completed My Application For A Winter Heating Housing Subsidy [ October 23rd 2018  1:31 pm ]

Over the past 8 hours I've completed my application for a winter heating housing subsidy. This program
requires proof of actual housing expenses. I keep scanned copies of my invoices. For example getting

Delivery Of Yogurt Culture [ October 23rd 2018  12:58 pm ]

One of the steps I am taking to help myself and improve my health is buying a yogurt maker. I am very
careful about what I eat. Sugar makes arthritis pain worse. One of the few remaining sources of sugar

Inquiring If I Have Coverage For Custom Arch Supports [ October 22nd 2018  5:00 pm ]

I am having an absolute terrible time with my knees. They are causing me a lot of trouble. I haven't
been able to strengthen my hips after their respective replacement surgeries. Now my knees are no longer

Attended Seated Exercise Program [ October 22nd 2018  4:20 pm ]

I attended the seated exercise program this afternoon. This is doing a set of exercises while sitting
down. It is helpful for seniors, those who joint problems and those with physical disabilities. I enjoy

Received Application For Winter Heating Subsidy [ October 22nd 2018  1:03 pm ]

In today's mail is an application for a winter heating subsidy. The purpose is to provide affordable
housing for low income households within the county. This grant has helped me for the past 5 or so years.

Reached Out To An Orthopedic Surgeon's Administrative Assistant [ October 22nd 2018  1:01 pm ]

I enjoy follow up involved in my health care. One of the tasks from today's appointment is discussing
and then arranging a type of lubricating injection that will help identify the source of my knee pain.

Appointment With My Family Doctor [ October 22nd 2018  10:55 am ]

I've finished another appointment with my family doctor. There were two main themes for today's appointment. It
was time for a routine check up for my chronic pain. When you live with chronic pain managing it becomes

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