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Another Load Delivered To Hazardous Waste [ July 31st 2018  4:10 pm ]

I just drove over to the hazardous waste depot. I gathered up another more electronics, computer circuit
boards and some worn out batteries needing safe recycling. I find these trips so rewarding. It is rewarding

Ordered A Mobility Scooter And Mobility Scooter Trailer [ July 31st 2018  3:01 pm ]

I've placed my order for a mobility scooter and mobility scooter trailer. There has been a lot of leg
work to get this far: I reached out to "Canada Border Service Agency" to inquire the duty and import

Follow Up To Sustainable Groceries For A Youth [ July 31st 2018  12:11 pm ]

I've started working on the follow up for the youth I gave groceries to last night. Part of my plan is
to provide details of the safety net provided by the community for those in need of food. I want to educate

Installed The Two New Hard Drives Into The Music Computer [ July 31st 2018  11:47 am ]

I've now upgraded the hard drives in the computer I will be using to display music as I play the piano.
What remains is the memory upgrade. I discovered while changing the hard drives that I purchased the

Taking Groceries To A Youth [ July 30th 2018  10:41 pm ]

Tonight I've been able to do something really special. I surprised one of the youth with groceries and
feed for his pet cat. This was so rewarding. Around 8PM one of the youth started an online conversation

Another Satisfying Donations Trip To The Thrift Store [ July 28th 2018  6:17 pm ]

I just took the next trip to the thrift store near my home. It is so rewarding making these donations.
In a very practical sense I am getting rid of the stuff I no longer need for my day to day life. Someone

Session Four Of The Living Well With Chronic Conditions [ July 26th 2018  3:20 pm ]

Session 4 of the course I am taking went well. I am so grateful for the conversations that happen as
part of this. It is helping get my creative juices flowing. I'm having so many ideas for my pursuit

Delivery Of My Paper Creaser [ July 25th 2018  1:58 pm ]

The paper creaser has been delivered. This is a monumental delivery for my self employment. One of the
strems of income I plan to pursue is desktop publishing greeting cards. Encouraging people is really

Purchased A Paper Creaser For Making Cards [ July 24th 2018  3:39 pm ]

I've purchased a paper crease tool. This is part of my vision for self employment. I plan to use my
color lazer printer to desktop publish cards. I think it will be a good fund raiser. I enjoy encouraging

Delivered A Load To Household Hazardous Waste [ July 24th 2018  2:24 pm ]

I've just delivered a load to hazardous household waste for safe disposal. It is just so rewarding seeing
my home emptying out. This is part of the exciting part of the deep cleaning and reorganization of my

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