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Gave A Young Adult Couple A Stroller For Their Coming Baby [ October 27th 2018  5:21 pm ]

I just did something really special. A few weeks ago a friend moved out of province on account of employment.
There was limited time for the pack and had some items to give away. One of these items was a stroller.

Purchased Ingredients To Make Chicken Soup [ October 27th 2018  3:24 pm ]

I've been out grocery shopping. I've purchased ingredients to make a batch of chicken soup with mixed
veggies and rice. What I typically do is purchased a cut of chicken with minimal bones, frozen mixed

Purchased New 10 Year Smoke - Carbon Monoxide Detectors [ October 27th 2018  2:48 pm ]

My smoke detectors needing replacing. I just spent 45 minutes looking at the models of smoke detectors
currently available. I've purchased replacements for mine. The model I've decided on come with a Lithium

Prepared Revised Cost Of Housing For My Disability Case Worker [ October 27th 2018  12:48 pm ]

I've just completed an up to date cost of housing for my disability case worker. I usually do this one
a year. It doesn't change the benefit rate I receive. I am trying to follow the rules expected of me.

Inquiring About A New Family Doctor [ October 26th 2018  3:35 pm ]

My family doctor is planning to retire in August 2020. There is a family doctor practice at the community
health center I've been attending for the seated exercise program and the others that address patient

Completed Session 1 Of A Course For Those Living With Chronic Pain [ October 26th 2018  3:05 pm ]

Today has been the first session of the course I am taking for those living with chronic pain. I am really
pleased with today. The topics in the courage are very practical for what I live with. The discussion

Delivery Of Router Adapter For My Dremel Rotary Tool [ October 26th 2018  1:15 pm ]

About a month ago a friend of mine moved out of the Province for his employment. He is a contractor.
He helped me with some of my projects and for tools I didn't own. With his faith in the Lord Jesus it

Delivery Of My Yogurt Maker [ October 26th 2018  9:39 am ]

My yogurt maker has been delivered. I am really pleased about this. I will be able to make healthy yogurt
without unhealthy fats, artificial sweeteners and refined sugar. The person I purchased this from only

Delivery Of My New Heavy Duty Sewing Machine [ October 25th 2018  2:31 pm ]

My new sewing machine has been delivered! I am so excited. I enjoy making crafts so much. I know my
new heavy duty sewing machine will serve me well for many years to come. The two projects I need it for

E-Mailed The Prime Minister And Opposition Leader Concerning The Canadian Federal Government Carbon Tax [ October 24th 2018  3:13 pm ]

I've sent an e-mail to the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader of the Canadian Federal Government. Plans
are in place for a federal carbon tax to be imposed on provinces which don't have their own carbon tax.

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